Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure is privately owned and operated. As parents ourselves, we understand the trust you are placing with us when enrolling your child. Our commitment to you is that we will provide a safe and nurturing environment, while delivering the highest quality program and meaningful experiences. The value of play in each child’s development is paramount, so each day is fun as we learn.

Little Kid filling a bucket with water outdoors


Our vision is to make a difference each day in every child’s life by providing opportunities to develop their active minds and bodies. 

Based on a large amount of recent research, the first five years of a child’s life are the most important for their brain development. To give our children the best possible opportunities for their future, we need to lay the foundations at this early stage of life by providing children with the knowledge and confidence that will help each child to grow into the best person they can be. This is emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically. 

Overall our goal is to create amazing environments which are engaging and fun for each child to enjoy, feel love and happiness whilst developing their intellectual, physical, social and cultural needs.

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As parents ourselves, our values come from our upbringing and our happy childhood memories. We will provide each child the best educational and developmental opportunities as these early years are so important in creating positive lasting memories. 

Strong partnerships with families are key to ensuring we are connecting with each child’s home life experiences, as well as families extending on children’s learning and development experiences when they are at home. By building these relationships with families, we can better understand each child’s and families needs and work collaboratively and in harmony.

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Our philosophy comes from our impassioned belief that education in the early years creates the foundation for learning in the future of young minds. Our commitment to every child and their family is to provide premium educational programs and exciting environments to explore, leaving each with a life long foundation for continual learning.

Children should be valued, respected and heard just as all people deserve to be. It is paramount that in these early years of a child’s learning they are taught that no matter the differences in culture, interests or even the speed at which they learn, each is as special and valued as the next.

Children at Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure are given opportunities to master new challenges while they are learning in our safe and calm environments. Our learning programs are designed to be emergent in nature. Through reflective practices, they are guided by their interests and needs.

All of our Educators have their own individual Philosophy centered around best outcomes for each child, while also adhering to the national guidelines set out on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

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Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure is extremely proud to support a range of Community Partnerships. We are passionate about giving back, and believe the success of a community comes from supporting each other.

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  • To provide the very best learning experiences for each and every child;
  • To provide a warm, nurturing and safe environment;
  • To settle each child into their new environment and support them in building nurturing relationships with Educators and peers;
  • To offer unique experiences and life skills that will pave the way for each child through to their schooling years and all the years ahead;
  • To offer healthy active lifestyle initiatives with physical movement and nutrition including garden to plate meals along with sport, dance and relaxation;
  • To provide an educational, play-based curriculum that caters to each child’s individual development;
  • To encourage parent participation and input at all times, while respecting individual lifestyles, values, beliefs and opinions;
  • To provide qualified, caring and enthusiastic Educators to nurture each child’s individual development.


Each of our Educators are fully trained, qualified and experienced and share our passion for Early Childhood Education. All of the Educators in Sanctuary Early Learning team are nurturing, respectful, caring and forward thinking and are continually updating our programs to ensure to ensure your children are getting greatest opportunity to be the best they can be.

We believe that our carefully selected Educators are the foundation for the best quality care and education. When we personally hand select each of our Educators it is to make sure their values align with ours, and that they have the appropriate experience and qualifications, as well as a long-term commitment to developing all of the children that come into our care to be the best they can be.

Qualities we look for in all of our Educators are compassion, patience, nurturing, supportive and warmth.

Ellen Bright