Sanctuary Early Learning encourages connections to the natural world by nurturing children’s understanding and respect for the natural environment.

Little boy filling up a bucket with water outdoors

Our programming emphasises the connection between people, plants, animals and the land. All of our centres have vegetable gardens and we encourage children to reuse and recycle to all help do our part to protect our world. Our educators spend time with the children showing how each child can make a positive difference.

Little girls running around with a recycling bin


We encourage children every day to practice sustainability in their day to day routines, including below activities:

  • Use recyclable materials where possible;
  • Educate children on recycling practices and implement these practices into daily routines;
  • Use rosters and routines to allow children to be involved and responsible for watering and energy/waste/ water reduction;
  • Encourage children to turn the water off once they have washed their hands;
  • Educate children about electricity and the importance of turning lights off
  • Educate children on caring for our plants
  • Emptying water bottles into gardens;
  • Use recycled and natural products for construction, arts and crafts where suitable;
  • Have available a range of resources, books, posters, games, puzzles and science resources to support learning;
Little girl enjoying smelling a flower and enjoying nature


Each of our Centres have animals. When it comes to sustainability and animals they go hand in hand. We believe that the lifecycle of every living creature needs to be cared for and nurtured. When it comes to either composting and using our scraps to feed the worms who then in turn create worm tea to feed our gardens then we can continue using all the nutrients that are provided to us with little effort.  In turn we are cutting down on our carbon footprint and doing everything we can to reduce, reuse & recycle. Cultivating relationships with our animals will enable children to foster a caring approach and sense of responsibility furthermore supporting their development of empathy.