Healthy bodies create healthy minds. At Sanctuary we provide all meals cooked onsite by our qualified cook, who plans the nutritional menu and prepares meals daily. All meals are provided as part of the fees. Our menus are guided by the Nutritional Guidelines Australia, and in line with Eat Well Australia.

Our menus are guided by the Nutritional Guidelines Australia, and in line with Eat Well Australia. The menus are displayed in the centre and also in our online platform Storypark in our community noticeboard tab, so that families can see at all times what the children are eating and also if any changes were made throughout the day.

We all know that at this age children do have individual tastes and likes and dislikes. This is very common, and we cater for other choices just in case the menu is not to the child’s taste. Children need choices and mealtimes is no exception. We work closely with families to introduce or change food as required to assist in any special requirements your child has.

We believe that the more we can introduce and discuss food and produce the more the children will associate food and nutrition as a vital connection.  We will also grow different garden items for the qualified cook to use in the cooking to encourage children to eat what we grow.  Children can sample these and assist in cooking recipes to connect the relativity.

Allergies and intolerances are quite common in our fast paced world and we are aware of the extreme importance of ensuring these are highlighted to the cook prior to your child starting with Sanctuary Early Learning. We will invite you to sit down with our Centre Director and our qualified cook to ensure that we can put together a detailed plan of your child’s specific requirements.



Our amazing menus are thoroughly reviewed by the lovely Jodie Wilson from The Dietitian Studio. Jodie is an accredited Paediatric Dietitian and nutritionist who has a passion for ensuring all children are fuelled with nutritious, healthy meals to keep them fuelled up for their days of fun adventures!

Jodie makes sure every ingredient in our recipes are exactly what children need, and we are continually having them reviewed and updated for variety for the children too.

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