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It is our belief that all children bring their perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning experience.

Business savvy kid with a piggy bank

Gardening Club

At Sanctuary Early Learning Adventure we understand that children learn in different ways.  Research shows the educational benefits to children who are engaged in gardening experiences is remarkable.  Selected educators are skilled in specialised areas which support children to learn through experiences they are interested in.  Our “Gardening Club” supports children to develop new skills, gain confidence and have fun.  Through caring for plants, children learn responsibility and respect for the environment.  The opportunity to reason and discover about the science of plants, animals, nutrition and weather is also promoted.  During this experience the children are physically active and are open to trying new foods that they have helped to grow together.

Australian Boomerangs

Junior Chefs Program

We see children as capable and competent learners and believe that independence is important for children of all ages.Cooking is the perfect way for children to develop this skill and feel accomplished in the simplest of tasks. Children appreciate and are more open to trying new foods when they are involved in the preparation. Through cooking your child will explore with their senses, learn basic maths and science concepts, practice turn taking and most importantly have fun! Our educators work with small groups of children to ensure that each cooking experience is engaging and educational.  

Business savvy kid with a piggy bank


Through relationships and community engagement children have the opportunity to grow emotionally, intellectually and physically. We believe community involvement produces long-term benefits to children lives and gives them a sense of belonging and is critical to building a strong sense of identity. The community visits us and we visit the community. Our children will have the opportunity to engage with an adopt-a-cop, fire brigade visits, connecting with and learning from indigenous elders, visits to our local aged care facilities, swimming lessons, library visits, Coles, hairdressers and many more.